Hop Suitcase is Truly Hands-Free

Hop Suitcase is Truly Hands-Free
The prototype Hop suitcase communicates with a smartphone to automatically follow the user, even locking itself and sounding an alert if it gets lost.

The Hop suitcase moves about on small set of treads powered by compressed air and includes a microcontroller able to identify and triangulate signals from the user's smartphone. It is meant to follow at a constant distance, and will lock itself and send a vibration alert to the phone if the signal is lost. The bags can also be programmed to follow each other or to be controlled by bag handling staff.

Besides making life easier for travelers, the Hop could eventually replace the large amounts of equipment used to move baggage through transportation hubs.

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I am intrested to purchase the sutcase
Posted by hussain saber on November 12, 2012
I may have a client who is interested in licensed product
Posted by Jill Doran on March 1, 2013

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