Inkjet-Printed MXene Energy Storage

Inkjet-Printed MXene Energy Storage
An innovative conductive ink can be used by an inkjet printer to print flexible energy storage of any shape and size.

Developed by researchers from Drexel University and Trinity College, the ink is based on MXene, a 2D, highly conductive material, and is more applicable to different surfaces than previous conductive inks. In particular, the MYene ink contrasts with typical nanoparticle-based inks in that it does not require additives for quality printing and can be left to dry naturally.

According to Babak Anasori, co-author of the MXene ink research, “Compared to conventional manufacturing protocols, direct ink printing techniques, such as inkjet printing and extrusion printing, allow digital and additive patterning, customisation, reduction in material waste, scalability and rapid production. Now that we have produced a MXene ink that can be applied via this technique, we’re looking at a world of new opportunities to use it.”

Inkjet-Printed MXene Energy Storage

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