Innolith Battery Could End Range Anxiety

Innolith Battery Could End Range Anxiety
The groundbreaking 1000 Wh/kg battery from Innolith could eliminate the risk of battery fires along with EV range anxiety.

The battery—the first of its kind—relies on an inorganic electrolyte that replaces the flammable solvent used in conventional lithium-ion batteries. Able to store 1 kWh per kg of weight, the new battery could offer electric vehicles a range of more than 600 miles on a single charge.

According to Alan Greenshields, the company’s chairman, the new battery’s conversion reaction system “… gets rid of your fire risk, so, of course, there’s nothing to burn. And the second part is you’ve also got rid of the most reactive components in the system, which makes it easier to build a battery where you can pack in a lot of energy without the thing becoming unstable.”

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