Lava Suits Combine Fashion and Function

Lava Suits Combine Fashion and Function
A new student-designed selection of breathable lava suits blends form and function to protect volcanologists in the field.

Studying volcanos demands rugged clothing able to withstand the heat and sharp edges of the environment—and many clothing items aren’t up to the task. To create a design specifically suited to volcano exploration, University of Missouri graduate student Abby Romine developed a collection of protective gear that is also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Based on interviews with working geologists, the clothing is made up of lightweight fabric interwoven with Kevlar strips. The outfits also feature plenty of pockets to carry tools and gear.

According to chair of geological sciences Alan Whittington, ‘We tested them on a week-long field trip in Colorado, and they were the most comfortable field pants I’ve ever worn.”

Lava Suits Combine Fashion and Function

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