Magnetic Skin Opens Door to New Wearables

Magnetic Skin Opens Door to New Wearables
An innovative, imperceptible and biocompatible magnetic skin could have applications ranging from assistive devices to consumer technology.

Developed by a team from KAUST, the artificial skin is unique in that it does not require any embedded electronics such as wires, batteries or antennas. Instead, the ultra-flexible material relies on an elastomer matrix that has been mixed with a magnetic powder and then allowed to dry at room temperature. The completed material is then tailor-magnetized to suit its application, which can range from allowing people with disabilities to operate smart home devices, tracking eye movement to assess sleep disorders or eye diseases, or even contact-free control switches in sterile environments.

Magnetic Skin Opens Door to New Wearables

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This is awesome. Sounds very useful to the handicap,those with arthritis. Myself,i fell out of car when I was 10 and slid down the pavement trying to stop myself with my hands so my finger tips are very smooth and hard to grip&scroll
Posted by sidney nelson on September 7, 2019

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