Malaria Test Suggests Most Effective Treatment

Malaria Test Suggests Most Effective Treatment
A new affordable, held-held malaria diagnosis device goes beyond detection—recognizing the DNA markers that suggest which drugs will be the most effective for treatment.

Developed by a team of researchers as part of the European Union-funded Nanomal projects, the NanoMal test can detect the disease within 20 minutes, which is significantly less time than the current minimum of several days. Using nanotechnologies, the unit will analyze the parasite DNA in a blood sample, delivering information about the parasite species and its potential drug resistance in under a half-hour, which allows for the delivery of a personally tailored course of treatment.

In addition to quickly and accurately detecting the presence of malaria, the NanoMal will also allow researchers to gain a better understanding of drug resistance in particular areas.

Malaria Test Suggests Most Effective Treatment

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My country would be a great market for this product, as it a tropical area infested with mosquitoes, so could i be a distributor for you?
Posted by Godswill Umanah on January 22, 2013
Please send info for selling to EU markets.
Posted by Hans van der Meulen on February 4, 2013
Interested in distributer ship for India
Posted by Sneha Rajpal on March 14, 2013
intersted for distributorship Africa /India
Posted by narendra sureka on March 18, 2013
I will work with you to take this product to the next level. We can discuss the exclusive acquisition, call me at 770 912 1083
Posted by Henry Chiedo on April 19, 2013

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