Marine Skin Patch Feels Better, Dives Deeper

Marine Skin Patch Feels Better, Dives Deeper
A newly improved Marine Skin sensor can be applied without adhesives and survive greater depths than its predecessor.

Made up of a stretchable silicon elastomer with embedded electrical components, the original Marine Skin patch was developed by a team at KAUST to study underwater creatures in their environment and offer an alternative to bulky tags.

The new sensor by the team improves on this idea by reducing the size of the skin patch to half while giving it up to 15 times more sensitivity and the ability to survive more extreme depths for longer. Perhaps of most interest to the sea creatures wearing the patch, however, is that the new Marine Skin can be attached by a noninvasive jacket or bracelet, reducing the use of potentially irritating adhesives.

Marine Skin Patch Feels Better, Dives Deeper

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