Minimalistic Shoes Go Mideaval

Minimalistic Shoes Go Mideaval
The PaleoBarefoots lets wearers embrace the freedom of bare feet while armoring them with a layer of chainmail.

The minimalistic shoes were created by the German company Gost, who designed them specifically for trail use. Made of stainless steel chainmail, the shoes are both flexible and durable. According to the company, the PaleoBarefoots will protect the user from rocks and other sharp objects while allowing them to experience the variations of temperature, moisture and ground contours of the trail.

Minimalistic Shoes Go Mideaval

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It a very good intention which i strongly believe will prevent the user from sharp experiences.
Posted by Oyadier Robert on January 9, 2013
how do i get a pair of these?
Posted by shelagh germyn on January 20, 2013
Posted by B B on January 24, 2013
Please can you tell me how much money this shoos but tell me whole sale price
Posted by metin yildirim on February 23, 2013
very interested in your product..
please contact me asap as i wish to bring this product to kuwait and the middle east.
Posted by bandar jumaa on June 7, 2013

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