Minipresso Hand-Held Espresso Machine

Minipresso Hand-Held Espresso Machine
The Minispresso handheld espresso machine fits into a backpack, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of espresso while camping, traveling or simply living in a small apartment with limited space.

Created by Wacaco, the Minispresso has been carefully crafted to deliver 116 psi of pressure—deemed the proper amount for ideal coffee extraction. The device is equipped with a semi-automatic piston that is pumped by hand a few times to build up the pressure, and then a few more times depending upon the size of the drink. The body of the thermos-sized device contains the water reservoir, a filter that holds the coffee grounds, the pump and a cup that fits on top of the device (the Minipresso is the first of its kind to feature an integrated cup).

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sooooooooooooooo nice
Posted by shaik abdulla on October 12, 2014
carry on brooo or sisssss
Posted by bob the builder on October 23, 2014
its excellent for traveling purpose
Posted by neeraj gupta on November 15, 2014
I like to buy the magnify product
Posted by Adrian Ocasio on November 19, 2014

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