Morphing Trolley for Car-Free Shopping

Morphing Trolley for Car-Free Shopping
An innovative morphing trolley lets car-free shoppers go straight from the store to their bikes.

Developed by a team of Austrian entrepreneurs, Gudrun and Harald Buschbacher, the morphing trolley folds to a tidy, horizontal package that can be towed behind a bike or pushed to the store. While shopping, the cart extends to make its two removable, cloth baskets accessible, with a combined capacity of about 45 liters. The bags remain upright when the trolley is folded back for transport, keeping the goods tucked safely inside.

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Good afternoon. Is this item available in the UK. If so can you tell me from where can it be obtained from, or are you looking for someone to sell it on for you. Many Thanks Jeff
Posted by Jeff Stalker on June 20, 2018
our multifunctional shopping trolley is not yet on the market. At the moment we are looking for partners, not only in the sales area, but also concering manufacturing.
best regards,
Gudrun & Harald
Posted by Harald Buschbacher on June 25, 2018
a quand sur le marcher et a quel prix ?
quel est le nom du produit ?
when on the market and at what price?
what is the name of the product?
Posted by David Lit on August 15, 2018
My company is manufacturing trolleys since 30 years in France
I am interested to have informations to manufacture or distibute your product.
Posted by Hadi Remita on September 28, 2019

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