Nanoemulsions Deliver Drugs Through the Skin

Nanoemulsions Deliver Drugs Through the Skin
A chemical nanoemulsion that delivers drugs through the skin could lead the way to novel new methods of drug delivery.

The emulsion was created by a team at MIT using a new formulation that could cut manufacturing costs while also giving the creators more control over the final product. In the new method, the active ingredients were added to the oil phase of the process, followed by the water phase and surfactants that help the solution form very small droplets. The team also incorporated heat-sensitive polymers into the mix that allow it to be easily converted to a gel at body temperature.

According to senior author Patrick Doyle, “With this approach, you don’t have to put in much energy at all. In fact, a slow stirring bar almost spontaneously creates these super small emulsions.”

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Many drugs are dosed with sticking plasters. Could more effective emulsions dose even probiotics etc. through the skin to intestines?
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on July 5, 2019

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