New Uses for Snail Excrement

New Uses for Snail Excrement
By feeding snails colored paper, an innovative designer has discovered a new use for snail slime—perhaps leading the way in the development of a sort of snail-poo, linoleum tile.

Dutch designer Lieske Schreuder conceived of the idea after a plague of snails in her garden. By containing the snails in separate boxes and feeding them colored paper, she found that the creatures’ excrement will vary with the color and the thickness of the paper. A “Snail-Excrements” machine is used to grind and mix the snail secretions, which can then be pressed into a mold and dried in the form of a flexible, colored tile. The paper is similar to the cellulose structure of the snail's diet, and the snails do not seem to be distressed by the project.

The process is still quite slow, however, since it moves at a snail’s pace.

New Uses for Snail Excrement

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