Nuclear Jawbreakers

Nuclear Jawbreakers
Nuclear power is the perfect alternative to fossil fuel. Not only is nuclear energy cleaner, it is also much more efficient in energy production. However, nuclear meltdowns are man-made cataclysms with devastating consequences, but these tiny radioactive jawbreakers just may have eradicated that issue.

Tristructural isotropic fuel, also known as triso fuel, is a compound of oxygen and low enriched uranium. The idea is encapsulating millions of nuclear cores into small individual balls of alternating strata composed of graphite and silicon carbide. This casing can withstand extreme temperatures, even for nuclear reactor standards. A test run by Paul Demkowicz, the director of Advanced Gas Reactor Field Development and Qualification Program (Idaho National Laboratory), demonstrated that 300,00 balls of triso fuel can operate under 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit for two weeks! Most reactors operate under 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit while newer designs max out at 2,000. Pair triso fuel and our current reactors and you get a meltdown-proof nuclear reactor.

Additionally, the protective casing of each individual ball of triso fuel virtually eliminates all costs related to safety features and bulk size for a conventional nuclear reactor, saving hundreds of millions of dollars. All in all, by eliminating the greatest threat nuclear power poses, this alternative to fossil fuels is a no-brainer.

Nuclear Jawbreakers

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