Pause Pod Portable Personal Space

Pause Pod Portable Personal Space
The Pause Pod offers a portable, personal space for meditation, relaxation, or just a bit of an escape.

Developed by a team from Sweden, the Pause Pod can be set up in seconds to create a personal private space. The tent-like pod is made up of light-reducing fabric, and features vents for airflow, a leg compartment so the user can fully recline, and an opening for cords so devices can join their user in the pods. Optional extras include a starry-sky ceiling projection and a tablet mount, and the team plans to offer a guided meditation app for use with the Pause Pod.

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A smaller version would cover just the top of a seat. And the smallest would be a frame that is used with own bag or coat.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on April 25, 2017
I am interested in getting info on new ideas.
Posted by Bonita Blakey on April 25, 2017

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