Polymer Rebar Helps Buildings Last Longer

Polymer Rebar Helps Buildings Last Longer
A polymer rebar that doesn’t rust could increase the lifespan of bridges and buildings.

Rebar is commonly used to help support concrete structures, but over time, the rebar rusts—which takes up space and causes the concrete to crack and break away. To reduce the need for maintenance to prevent such damage, a team from Deakin University created rebar made up of a carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymer. Not only will the polymer rebar not rust, it is also lighter and stronger than steel and can be produced with a quarter the energy.

Image - Deakin's Dr. Kazem Ghabraie, Austeng Engineering's Ross George and Deakin's Dr. Mahbube Subhani, with samples of the rebar

Polymer Rebar Helps Buildings Last Longer

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