Power your Vehicle with Urine

Power your Vehicle with Urine
Researchers from Ohio University have developed an efficient way to produce hydrogen from urine. The technique could fuel vehicles while cleaning up wastewater from sewage plants.

Producing hydrogen from urine could be done at a fraction of the cost of producing it from water, as the hydrogen atoms are less tightly bound to nitrogen than they are to the oxygen atoms in water, thus taking less energy to break them apart.

However, urea quickly turns into ammonia, and produces emissions which can cause health problems such as chronic bronchitis and asthma attacks.

Power your Vehicle with Urine

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Hello, friend.

I was rather shock to see the news "Power your Vehicle with Urine".
Urine when exposed to air causes bad smell. I think it causes odor in the car especially if there is air conditioning because when mixed with oxygen and carbon dioxide it becomes a longer chain and thus, is a more complex form of ammonia.

I really hope that there will be better solutions.

Posted by Megan Woon Ching Lee on July 13, 2009
I perfected this process as part of a new sewage treatment, 'Electrowase' in2001. This is full of ammonia as NH3, the process is expensive on power when you try to get it to a practical level.
However I have got it to a fine level that included a new 'Turbofilter as well, this would help to cut down the power used.
My process is simpler than the new processes, that now use after primary and secondary treatment, they are now using nitrification, micro filtration and then RO. This to get to what is called here in Australia as 'A' Class. There is more complications and more power used and a lot more maintenance.
So now it is on a par with my process now, for its power use, it's cost of maintenance is much larger as well.
As for using this on a car they would have to do a lot more yet. The by-product from my processes is hydrogen, and can get litre for litre treated. 1,000 ltrs of wastewater treated gives 1,000ltrs of hydrogen gas.
Brian Bayliss
Posted by Brian Bayliss on July 14, 2009
This process is about getting hydrogen from urine. The hydrogen will run the car not the urine and the car should be a hydrogen cell car.
Posted by Mohammad Farook on July 20, 2009

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