Propagate Skyscraper Builds Itself from Pollution

Propagate Skyscraper Builds Itself from Pollution
The third-place winner eVolo Skyscraper Competition, the Propagate Skyscraper harness greenhouse gases for use as building materials.

The Propagate Skyscraper is based upon the current research on using carbon-philic resins to capture carbon dioxide, which transforms the resins into a solid material able to self-propagate. The process would be facilitated by a scaffold, which would supply the ingredients needed for propagation, and the structure's growth pattern would be determined by environmental factors such as wind and the amount of carbon dioxide in the vicinity.

The layout of the Propagate Skyscraper could be determined by the individuals, and the developers envision the skyscraper as not only an environmentally conscious method of construction, but also as a way to provide a "distinct organization of social relationships."

Propagate Skyscraper Builds Itself from Pollution

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This is a wonderful invention, I think it will be used frequently in the near future.
Posted by Sam Johnson on April 29, 2014

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