Self-Sanitizing Door Handle

Self-Sanitizing Door Handle
A self-powered, self-sanitizing door handle helps kill germs with every use.

The self-sanitizing door handle was inspired by the knowledge of how quickly contact helps spread infections. To slow that spread, the door’s lightweight aluminum body holds a built-in generator that harnesses the kinetic energy of the door opening and closing to power the embedded ultraviolet LEDs. The UV light activates a film of TiO2, a disinfectant that will sterilize the door handle automatically, reducing the spread of germs.

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Dear Sir/Madame, could you forward me more technical information and more general information.
Thank you in azdvance for all.
Best regards
Pablo Hamelynck
duffelsesteenweg 245
2550 Kontich Belgium
Posted by Pablo Hamelynck on May 14, 2020

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