Smartphone App Reads Colorimetric Test Strips

Smartphone App Reads Colorimetric Test Strips
A new app that allows smartphones to read colorimetric strips could help increase the usability and availability of this handy form of disease diagnosis.

Colorimetric strips are an inexpensive way to diagnose and monitor diseases, but the colored lines can be difficult to interpret. The app, created by a team from the University of Cambridge, enables any smartphone to function as a portable spectrophotmometer by using the smartphone's camera to read the color and location of the lines on the test strip. The results are available within seconds, and can be sent to the cloud to share with remote medical personnel. The app also allows the phone to read many different forms of colorimetrix tests, including solutions and microplates, and is both less expensive and more portable than comparable colorimetric test readers.

Smartphone App Reads Colorimetric Test Strips

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i would this app
Posted by ghassem Rezaie on May 24, 2018

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