Smartphone ECG

Smartphone ECG
The iPhoneECG case turns your smartphone into an ECG machine capable of clinical-quality readings.

Designed by Lifetone Technology, the clip on case uses a pair of electrodes on the back to send ECG readings via Bluetooth. The device can be held in the hands to take pulse readings, or can be placed on the user's chest. While not as comprehensive as a full electrocardiogram, the iPhoneECG is reliable enough to monitor for arrhythmia or other heart pattern issues.

Smartphone ECG

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I like to get additional info on the product.
Thank you..
Posted by rick warren on April 2, 2012
Rick, AliveCor is currently pursuing regulatory clearance and preparing for market release of our Smartphone ECG. Register your email address at to receive continued updates. --Jessica, AliveCor
Posted by Jessica Dinsdale on April 2, 2012

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