Smell of Data Warns of Leaks with Scent

Smell of Data Warns of Leaks with Scent
The innovative Smell of Data device will emit a warning odor if your data is leaking.

Inspired by the odors added to some gases to detect a leak, the Smell of Data communicates with the paired device via WiFi. If the unit detects a connection to an unsecured network, it will emit a pungent scent created by the design team, offering a real-time, cyber-security warning.

Though perhaps a bit extreme in its methods, the Smell of Data team hopes the project will make more people aware of the security issues online.

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Smell would be a friendly signal for a sleeping person. An alarm clock could begin with changing smells. Also phone and home control systems could tell about less important calls and notes with different smells. Perhaps one smell generator communicates with all gadgets.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on September 4, 2017

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