Spray-on Battery Paint

Spray-on Battery Paint
Researchers have moved a step closer to developing a spray-on battery that can be painted onto almost any surface.

Lithium-ion batteries are basically made up of five different layers with specific functions. To create the battery-paint, a team at Rice University reduced the five layers (two electrodes, two collectors, and a separator) to a spray paint with the same functionality. The paint can be used on a range of materials, and, in tests on ceramic tiles, was able to generate a steady 2.4 volts for six hours and power an LED array.

The team has filed a patent for the paint, and is now looking into a way of combining the spray-on batteries with printable solar cells.

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I would like to know more on this topic and when it can be made commercially available in India .
Posted by Ramalingam K S on July 4, 2012
commercial applications?
Posted by Henry Val on July 4, 2012

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