The AirHood - A Portable Kitchen Hood

The AirHood - A Portable Kitchen Hood
Available in both wireless and wired formats, the AirHood works partly like a chimney, and partly like an air purifier. A switch on the top lets you choose between three fan speeds, depending on what you’re cooking, and the AirHood even comes with an optional Base Boost – a platform that elevates your hood by a comfortable two inches. Once switched on, the AirHood pulls fumes into its inlet, where the air first passes through an oil filter that traps the grease, and then an activated carbon filter that purifies the air of any toxins. Clean air then makes its way out of the outlet at the back of the device, keeping your kitchen air clean and eliminating the risk of accidentally triggering your smoke alarm. When not in use, the AirHood serves as kitchen decor, thanks to its minimalist, sculptural appeal. You can either leave it on your countertop or hang it on a wall, thanks to a hook built into the AirHood’s handle.

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