Tumaini App Detects Banana Disease

Tumaini App Detects Banana Disease
The Tumaini app relies on deep learning and image recognition to help banana farmers spot the early signs of disease and pests.

Because there are only a few species of bananas in the world, a single disease can devastate an entire crop. To help prevent such outbreaks, researchers from Biodiversity International created a mobile app that draws from a library of 20,000 images to scan for the most common types of banana infestations and pests. Unlike similar detection methods, the app does not require detached leaves on a plain background, and can instead detect symptoms on any part of the plant—even if the image is of lower quality.

As Michael Selvaraj explains the project, "This is not just an app, but a tool that contributes to an early warning system that supports farmers directly, enabling better crop protection and development and decision-making to address food security."

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I want this app for my smartphone by android, Can you send me by e-mail, please? Thanks
Posted by Veronicar Arriaga on August 16, 2019

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