VivaQuant RX-1 Offers Continuous Heart Monitoring

VivaQuant RX-1 Offers Continuous Heart Monitoring
The wearable VivaQuant RX-1 gives heart patients a new degree of freedom without sacrificing health monitoring.

The one-piece RX-1 is small and sturdy enough to wear all day—even in the shower—as it monitors the patient’s arrhythmia with its combination of patented wavelet-based analytic and embedded AI. Most significantly, the RX-1 can function as a Mobile Cardiac Telemetry unit or Event Monitor, transmitting reading for remote analysis and allowing the patient to be monitored at home.

According to Marina Brockway, PhD, “Because ECG clarity is so good and arrhythmia detection so powerful, we believe that RX-1 will provide faster, higher-quality diagnosis, at a lower cost.”

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