Washable Batteries for Wearable Electronics

Washable Batteries for Wearable Electronics
Ink-based, washable batteries could be woven into clothing to provide a safe and comfortable way to power wearable electronics.

Developed by a team from the University of Cambridge, the batteries are made up of inks designed by the team and placed directly on the fabric using a standard dyeing technique. Different types of electronics can also be printed onto the material, and electric circuits can be created by “overlaying different fabrics made of two-dimensional materials on the fabric.”

In the case of the flexible battery, the team overlaid graphene and hexagonal boron nitride fabrics to create an active region that enables charge storage. The material can be safely washed without affecting performance, and is flexible enough to be comfortable to wear.

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Very interested in learning more.
Posted by John Foley on May 30, 2019

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