Water Harvester Collects

Water Harvester Collects
A water harvester able to collect water from dry desert air could add an important new source of drinking water for people living in arid environments.

The device, developed by a team at UC Berkeley, relies on a metal-organic framework to collect and condense water molecules from the air. The cartridges of MOFs are enclosed within a large, transparent box, where water molecules harvested from ambient air can be released through a bit of heat and collected in a condenser as liquid water.

The system is the third version created by the team, and features a solar-powered fan and small heaters that move air and add heat to increase the collection efficiency by ten times compared to the previous version. The microwave-sized device can extract more than five cups of water per day, and can be scaled up to harvest enough to supply a small village

Water Harvester Collects

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