Wearable Detects Agressive Outbursts in Autistic People

Wearable Detects Agressive Outbursts in Autistic People
An innovative sensor able to detect the onset of aggressive autism could help people with autism and their caregivers better manage angry outbursts.

Developed by a team from Northeastern University, the wrist-worn sensor monitors the wearer’s temperature, heart rate, sweat level and movements. That data is then processed by software to identify the biomarkers that can signal an angry or overly-emotional outburst—allowing the wearer’s caregiver to take some mitigating steps. The device offers a 90 percent accuracy rate, and could help reduce stress in both patients and their caregivers.

According to Northeastern behavioral scientist Matthew Goodwin, “If we could give caregivers advance notice, it would prevent them from getting caught off guard and potentially allow them to relax the individual and make sure everyone in the environment is safe.”

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