Weed-Zapping Robot Kills without Chemicals

Weed-Zapping Robot Kills without Chemicals
A weed-zapping robot from the team at the Small Robot Company selectively kills weeds and other unwanted plants without chemicals.

Designed for large-scale farmers, the robot is part of the company’s trio of farming helpers named Tom, Dick and Harry. The Tom bot will map the weeds in a given area, while Harry will efficiently sow and map seeds. Now entering the fray, the Dick bot would work with Tom to locate the offending weeds and target them with electricity, destroying them from the root up without the need for chemicals. The weed-zapping technology was developed by RootWave, and has already been commerically proven.

According to Small Robot Company co-founder Sam Watson-Jones, “For the first time, we can see each plant in the field – and every single weed. Instead of spraying the whole field, we can simply zap the individual weeds.”

Note- Both images feature Tom, the weed-mapping robot.

Weed-Zapping Robot Kills without Chemicals

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