Wristband Helps You Track Your Feelings

Wristband Helps You Track Your Feelings
A smart wrist band able to detect emotion changes in real time could help people suffering from affective disorders better monitor their emotional state.

People with affective disorders, such as bipolar or depression, can benefit greatly from tracking what affects their emotions. To that end, the team from the University of Lancaster created a wrist band equipped with skin-contacting sensors that detect changes in the wearer’s galvanic skin response—which in turn varies with emotional intensity. By alerting the wearer to a change in their emotional state, the wearer has the opportunity to observe their surroundings, determine what could be causing this change, and better connect with their feelings.

Wristband Helps You Track Your Feelings

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People with psychiatric disorders are already aware of their emotions and the things that trigger them but it often doesn't make the emotions go away!
The inventor is using logic too much.
Posted by Reneé Harold on August 13, 2019

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