Founded in 2001, InnoCentive connects businesses, institutions, non-profits and the public, with a global network of more than 160,000 of the world's brightest minds to build innovative solutions in an Open Innovation setting.
InnoCentive InnoCentive offers several products to meet a client's open innovation requirements.

InnoCentive Challenges

These are unique problems posted by Seekers in the InnoCentive Open Innovation Marketplace. Posted challenges solicit solutions from Solvers who are registered in the InnoCentive community. The solution that best fits the Seekers criteria is awarded remuneration.

InnoCentive ONRAMP

ONRAMP is a suite of professional services and resources, developed and delivered by our team of scientists, PhDs and consultants tailored to help Seeker companies get comfortable with innovation rapidly and successfully within their organizations.


Helps clients create an internal web-based collaborative community for problem solvers. Companies gain experience with open innovation, and InnoCentive then moves their problems to their global scientific community of Solvers.

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