Paradigm Development Group,

Paradigm Development Group, conveniently located near Chicago O'Hare airport, is a full service prototyping and development studio. They offer a wide range of in-house product development services. from rapid prototyping & prototype development (Objet 3D printing, stereolithography SLA, CNC machining, custom model making) to prototype tooling and reproduction (silicone molding and urethane casting), to manufacturing consultation and production management.

Types of Prototypes We Make

Prototyping and manufacturing technologies include Rapid Prototyping, Medical Prototyping, Industrial Prototyping, Invention & Design, CAD Databases, CNC Machining, Objet 3D Printer Polyjet Models, SLA (stereolithography) Models, RTV Silicone Mold Soft Tooling, Urethane Casting, Pattern Finishing & Deco, RFI & EMI Shielding, Consulting, and Short Run Production.

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