Based in Portland, Oregon with an east coast office outside Baltimore, Maryland, RapidMade is a 3D printing, manufacturing, and engineering company that quickly provides creative, local solutions. Their rapid prototyping services offer advanced design, materials and manufacturing solutions that help clients create new products, accelerate development, improve quality, increase sales, and lower costs.

In just 2 to 10 days, RapidMade™ can 3D print your design in your choice of plastic, metal, or composite. Whatever your needs, they will find the best material or process for your design form and function. They offer a diverse group of processes (from laser-sintered titanium and UV-cured photopolymers to cast urethane and laser cut steel). If 3D printing isn't right for your needs, they will find the design and process that works for YOU.

Types of Prototypes We Make

Prototyping processes include Selective Laser Sintering, Large Format 3D Printing, 3D Printed Metals, Injection Molding and Machining.

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