Ocean Tomo

Ocean Tomo is a leading intellectual property broker offering a comprehensive set of financial products and services to manage patent applications and other intellectual property concerns of companies. Ocean Tomo Ocean Tomo lends its expertise to companies in subjects related, but not limited, to intellectual property expert testimony, valuation, investments, risk managements, and other transactions related to intellectual property. The biggest strength of Ocean Tomo is their ability to assists clients in realizing the intellectual and capital equity value of properties.

Ocean Tomo is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices in Greenwich, Orange County, San Francisco, Palm Beach, and Washington D.C. It also holds a network of companies in the field of patent indexing, growth index, and patent value index. In addition, Ocean Tomo is the majority owner of Intellectual Property Exchange and the the prime distributor of PatentRatings solutions.

Ocean Tomo is one of the few intellectual property brokers offering the widest and most comprehensive services related to intellectual capital equity. Its services include Expert testimony and surveys, appraisals, Patent Rating System, Private IP brokerage, IP auctions, risk management, investments analysis and more.

These services are broadly oriented on managing the intellectual capital of an individual or a corporation in any form by providing valuable insight, while finding and brokering proactive transaction opportunities.

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