Our key model for Micro-Reality is SIMULATION. Embedded in our simulation processes are key strategies like observation, analysis, application, synthesis, evaluation, hybridization, prediction and deconstruction.


Like SWOT, 60 SECONDS Thinking Apps underlines the capacity to understand, Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Defined Threats.

However with 60-S, we added a couple of innovations, the Invincible Surface and a divided Threat: offensive and defensive.

The 60 SECONDS Thinking App is a Thinking Meter which helps you build a conscious capacity to process data and information at great speed without missing tactical targets and strategic goals, through elemental platforms like the Bear, Bird, Snake and Bullet.


• Critical, Analytical Thinking and Problem-Solving

• Team Communication

• Creative and innovative thinking

• leadership and decision making

• Leadership Development

• Product and Process Improvement, and Project Management

Hence, it creates for you a customized model and format that is flexible for processing data and information at different levels. This can be applied on a variety of platforms such as: Individuals, Group, Domestic, Corporate, Civilian and Military@

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