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Partner with our Problem Solvers to
expand your innovative capacity...
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R&D Problem Solving
Teams of Problem Solvers work
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Technology Scouting
Beyond databases, beyond Google,
our human networks unearth emerging technologies...
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Grand Challenges
Delivering big solutions
to big problems...
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An intense week of brainstorming
with a hundred experts in your field...
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Portal Support
Maximize your innovation portal's success
with active outreach, traffic generation,
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Prior Art Citation Search
Obscure documents uncovered by our network of researchers...
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Providing Confidential Solutions to Your R&D Challenges

IdeaConnection gives you access to a worldwide network of experts, thought leaders and industry veterans. By getting access to these brilliant minds outside of your company, you will be able to solve technical problems, break development bottlenecks and find technologies faster and more efficiently than your competition.

Find out how IdeaConnection can accelerate your innovation today.

Confidential problem solving for companies large and small.

Innovative Solutions

Teams of diversified experts collaborate to solve your R&D technology development challenges. IP transferred.

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Technology Scouting

Our "network of networks" sources materials, or finds emerging technologies quickly and efficiently.

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Portal Support

Boost the performance of your Open Innovation Portal with our outreach services.

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Collaborative Open Innovation Transforming Corporate Research and Development

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Green Power Solution
Green Power Solution
I think it's a good idea to have this type of thing to bring people together to solve problems. On the one hand the problems get solved, and then if there's a benefit to humanity it's nice to get those problems solved too... David Leithauser