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Confidential R&D Problem Solving

confidential problem solving

How It Works

IdeaConnection builds solution teams from a secure network of brilliant experts. Each team is managed by a world-class facilitator. By combining expertise and diverse perspectives, we provide you with solutions and insights not normally achievable by individuals working alone. We only accept client challenges we believe can be solved – we focus on productive success. Watch the video below.

Why It Works So Well

IdeaConnection delivers confidential results to well-defined client challenges, using highly motivated talent who are driven by financial reward. Our teams work on a challenge for approximately 12 weeks. You typically receive from two to eight in-depth solutions that can be easily be evaluated by your innovation manager. You are not swamped with hundreds of ideas to review.

Pay Only for Success

Our R&D Challenge model takes the risk out of innovation and provides you with easy access to innovative solutions. Your challenge will receive several intensely researched and detailed solutions, and if, after reviewing them you are not satisfied, you pay absolutely nothing for the challenge.

Secure Confidentiality

Your identity, challenge details, and accepted solutions can all remain completely confidential. The Problem Solver teams do knot know your identity and nothing is ever revealed on our website about your organization, or the details of your challenge.

Client Portal

You are is set up with your own individual, free, and secure portal in order to manage and keep track of your challenges and solutions.

Fixed Cost Innovation

You determine the award amount for each challenge. If none of the presented solutions are considered acceptable, there is no cost to you.

Timing – What You Can Expect

As soon as documents are signed and the challenge is accepted, IdeaConnection goes to work putting together your solution teams. The teams present you with a re-iteration of the challenge to make sure they understand your needs, and a conference call may be scheduled if further clarificaiton is needed. Of critical importance, is your ability to respond to our Solvers questions about your challenge in a timely manner. Once the solutions are delivered, you have 30 days to review the proposals and determine whether or not to accept one or more of the solutions.

IP Transfer

When you accept and pay for a solution, the intellectual property is transferred from the Problem Solvers to you. Every Solver has already contractually agreed to transfer IP before they began working on your challenge.

Do You Have a Challenge?

  • Do you have a critical path problem that needs a solution?
  • Are there some back-burner projects that should be brought to fruition?
  • Is there a technology you want to acquire, but the IP belongs to a competitor?
  • Do you have a new project to launch and don't want to risk assets against failure?
  • Is there some R&D that you want done now, but don't have the resources?
  • Do you want some work done in parallel to what your team is currently working on?
  • Do you want to source a technology or a material for a new project?
  • Are you trying to find a company to partner or collaborate with?

Whether you need a new solution to an existing problem, or simply need extra resources to tackle your workload, IdeaConnection has the hands and minds that can help you achieve success.

Join some of the world's largest companies
who trust us with a portion of their R&D.

What Else Can our Solvers do for You?

Take a look at our complete line of [INNOVATION SERVICES] and use our Solvers in a way that best fits your innovation agenda.

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