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About the Company

Mission Statement

IdeaConnection believes that innovation is the most direct path to creating solutions that benefit the world, and that open innovation is the best way to achieve them.

We believe that by bringing together amazing people from the world over, innovation can be achieved that would not happen otherwise.

Our passion is to give our clients access to brilliant, timely, affordable solutions that enhance their ability to deliver amazing improvements for mankind.


IdeaConnection teams are working every day on solving challenges for companies large and small. We are pleased to say that included in our many clients, are eight companies in the Fortune 200, and eight in the Global 500. Spanning the globe, we have worked with clients in:



IdeaConnection has been solving problems since 2007 by assembling teams lead by world-class facilitators and populated with experts from a myriad of disciplines who supply intensely researched, innovative, and detailed solutions.

Using this approach, IdeaConnection has achieved an impressively high 'solve' rate to problems ranging from nanotechnology, virtual reality, and crop science, to packaging, storage, pharmacology and product development.

Some of our recent challenges have been in the areas of:
  • biotechnology
  • plant science
  • pharmaceutical
  • storage
  • wine making
  • packaging
  • virtual-reality
  • chemical
  • medical
  • material science
  • waste
  • cosmetics
  • food science
  • biomass
  • monitoring
  • coatings
  • power supply
  • adhesives

Our passion is about delivering innovative and creative solutions – solutions to corporate problems and solutions to problems that will benefit the Common Good.

Value Propositions for IdeaConnection

Innovative Solutions

IdeaConnection provides businesses with innovative, high quality and timely solutions to their business and R&D challenges by using teams of highly motivated experts located world-wide and led by experienced and successful facilitators.

This service can handle even very complex challenges that remain unsolved by a client's internal resources.

Support is provided, as required, in defining and fine-tuning challenges in order to ensure that our teams' work is focused and productive.

Each challenge is handled by specially selected teams based on their level of expertise related to the problem, and their willingness to devote their energies to teamwork, producing the highest quality solution(s) and "getting the job done" on time.

Using IdeaConnection teams provides clients with a "leg up" in retaining a competitive advantage in the 21st century – staying ahead of their competition through innovation.

Clients decide how much the solution to their challenge is worth and their risk is minimized because they pay only when they receive an acceptable solution and ownership of the underlying intellectual property has been transferred to them. Clients save time and money by obtaining rapid solutions, while avoiding the need to hire additional R&D staff or find qualified consultants. Most importantly they save because they receive solutions to their problems and are able to manage this open innovation aspect of their R&D on budget.

In order to protect their identity, and details of their challenges and solutions, clients have the option of working in confidence. Even our teams of experts and facilitators will not know the client's identity.

Comprehensive Solutions

IdeaConnection provides a comprehensive list of innovation services, from prize-based challenges, to tech scouting, to brainstorming IdeaRallies, to open innovation portal support, to prior art citation search and in-house idea management software.

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innovation products and services:

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