Great Technology Quotes

800px-Isaac.Asimov01Whether you are potting about in your garden shed inventing things, someone who believes they are sitting on the next big thing or a top flight engineer, here is a handful of thought provoking technology quotes to inspire and amuse:

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” – Isaac Asimov, author (more…)

Cancer Drug Research Given a Boost by Involving the Crowd

633px-Thorax_pa_peripheres_Bronchialcarcinom_li_OF_markiertTo speed up the search for drug cancer therapeutics, AstraZeneca wants to harness the wisdom of the crowd to find new cancer drug cocktails.

The pharmaceutical behemoth is releasing colossal amounts of preclinical data from more than 50 of its medicines. According to the company, this public release of information is on an unprecedented scale. (more…)

Crowdsourcing Helps Discover a New Species of Human

Homo_nalediIn 2013, palaeoanthropologist Lee Berger was in something of a quandary. The South Africa-based scientist had heard about a small cave filled with early human fossils, but the narrow chamber is difficult to get to.

He needed help to retrieve the remains before they deteriorated any further. So he posted a plea for assistance on social media. (more…)

Crowdsourcing Hamburger Recipes

burgYou can bet your bottom dollar that by the time you’ve read this post thousands of people will have uploaded pictures of food to their social media profiles.

There is a huge appetite for this food photography trend and among the snaps of restaurant meals and chocolate covered desserts will be pictures of customised burgers.

Such fan photos have given Canada’s South Street Burger Company an idea, crowdsource burger recipes.


Crowdsourcing Contest to Repurpose Old Bridge

Danube_in_LinzSo, what do you do when you have a defunct railway bridge that is reaching the end of its technical life?  Tear it down, leave it to rot or something else?

If you’re Linz AG, the owner of the old bridge in Linz, Austria you launch a crowdsourcing contest for ideas of what to do with the crossing.

The 393-meter-long steel bridge, which spans the Danube River is 120 years old and no longer in use.  But such is its beauty and history that there are calls to preserve some, if not all of its parts.   (more…)

Can You Find Novel Applications for a New Membrane Technology?

novel-applications-for-new-membrane-technology-2050Calling all innovators and creative smarts. IdeaConnection has a fascinating innovation contest for you to get stuck into, from Strategic Allies.

The UK-based company is looking for novel applications for a new membrane material in a few specific industrial sectors of interest: automotive, packaging and dosing. If your solution is selected, €1,000 (approx. $US 1,000) is yours. (more…)

Crowd Accelerated Innovation from IdeaConnection

lbulbYou’re a company with a challenging problem and you want it solved. You get in touch what IdeaConnection and it pools together members of its global network of solvers to help. A few weeks later you have your brilliant solution.  Job done.

IdeaConnection has earned a stellar reputation for solving complex problems for its clients, including Fortune 500 companies.  Therefore, it may not surprise you to learn that in addition to its existing portfolio of open innovation approaches, it is taking the paradigm to the next level.  With its new industry challenges service, IdeaConnection’s solvers will proactively tackle industry-specific roadblocks to scientific, technological and engineering advances in any field. (more…)

Want to Solve a Problem? Involve some non-experts.

Interdisciplinary problem solvingHaving years of experience can help people tackle problems on an intuitive level.  If you’ve worked in an area for 20 years, you automatically know what potential solutions have a good chance of working, and which ones have a poor chance of working.

This skill can dramatically speed up the problem solving process, as it makes it less likely to waste time pursuing unproductive/unlikely solutions.  The downside is that the very know-how that drives intuition can also result in bias. (more…)