Open Innovation Department for Studio Used by The Beatles

beatlesAbbey Road is one of the most famous music recording studios in the world, instantly recognizable to fans of the Beatles because it’s where they recorded most of their music.  It was also the name of the final album that the Fab Four recorded together (issued in 1969).

For more than 80 years the studio has been at the forefront of music technology and it hopes to keep it that way with the founding of an open innovation department. (more…)

Open Innovation Contest for Cancer Solutions

NSCCancer is one of the most insidious diseases to plague humans, but now it has a new enemy –the Nanotechnology Start-up Challenge for Cancer (NSC2).

This recently launched open innovation initiative is an international search for nanotechnology cancer-related inventions that will make a positive and powerful impact on human health. (more…)

How the Crowd Can Help Discover New Antibiotics

antibioticresistanceAntibiotic resistance continues to be a global threat to healthcare.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the planet is heading toward a post-antibiotic era where common infections are killers, unless urgent, coordinated action is taken.  These are infections that have been treatable for decades.

A new citizen’s science platform hopes to be doing its bit to help with the battle against the bugs by developing a small home lab that anyone can use. (more…)

A Crowdsourced Business Venture with 1,000 Founders

ideasA new startup is about to get off the blocks and it currently has no idea about what it will sell and to whom. But it will have 1,000 founders who will all pitch in their ideas and have a stake in the company.

GroupMinded is an experiment in crowdsourcing that will involve all founders in everything, from conception of the idea right through to how the product is packaged and marketed. (more…)

Great Technology Quotes

800px-Isaac.Asimov01Whether you are potting about in your garden shed inventing things, someone who believes they are sitting on the next big thing or a top flight engineer, here is a handful of thought provoking technology quotes to inspire and amuse:

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” – Isaac Asimov, author (more…)

Cancer Drug Research Given a Boost by Involving the Crowd

633px-Thorax_pa_peripheres_Bronchialcarcinom_li_OF_markiertTo speed up the search for drug cancer therapeutics, AstraZeneca wants to harness the wisdom of the crowd to find new cancer drug cocktails.

The pharmaceutical behemoth is releasing colossal amounts of preclinical data from more than 50 of its medicines. According to the company, this public release of information is on an unprecedented scale. (more…)