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Portable Supercapacitor Safety Lights

The 10.8 volt portable, wearable supercapacitor from Optixtal can be charged by a car's cigarette lighter and could be used to replace road safety flares and complement safety vests.
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Augmented Reality Glasses

A new concept video from Google explores the capabilities of the augmented reality glasses being developed through Project Glass.
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Liter of Light

With plastic bottles and water, Solar Demi and the Liter of Light Project brings light to the interior of third world homes.
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Floating Cities

Koen Olthius, floating architecture expert and founder of Waterstudio, shares his ideas about floating cities and how they can adjust to the risks of climate change while also decreasing the density of urban environments.
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Cooperating Quadrotors

Small agile quadrotor robots are able to swarm, sensing each other and working together to form temporary teams for construction or surveying.
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A Day Made of Glass 2

Corning's extended "A Day Made of Glass 2" explores the future world of engineered glass combined with new technologies, with applications ranging from home to school to the office.
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Printing Erasable Copies

A new copier system being developed by Toshiba Tec is able to print with a special removeable toner that loses its color when heated, allowing to be erased from any regular copy paper simply by passing the paper through the erasing device.
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Abundance is Our Future

Peter Diamandis, who heads the X Prize Foundation, talks about the importance of optimism and how the rapid increases in technology, population, and innovation point to a world of abundance and potential.
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Quantum Trapping

Quantum trapping uses super conductors to lock an object into a magnetic field, allowing the object to move freely while still being maintained at a consistent level of suspension.
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ALSi Uses iPads to Train for Cardiac Emergencies

The ALSi simulator from iSimulate uses a pair of iPads, one to design the scenario and one to function as the cardiac monitor, to create fast paced cardiac situations and allow for a more varied and thorough training of medical students.
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LightBeam Turns Common Objects into Displays and Remotes

Developed by a team from Universitat Darmstadt, Germany, the LightBeam uses a pico projector and a Kinect enhanced camera to not only create displays from common objects, but also to use the objects as a remote control.
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Machine Made Origami Robots

A team at Harvard University has automated the manufacturing process of the origami inspired Mobee Robots, which are created from a flat sheet of material folded in a single movement.
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Fighting Cancer with Electric Fields

A new technique of fighting cancer with low-intensity electric fields, called Tumor Treating Fields, could lead to a method of eventually curing solid tumors and more complicated cancers.
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Touchscreen Microscope

The new Opto-Digital Microscope DSX Series from Olympus is the first to feature a fully integrated touchscreen from which all functions, from focusing to producing a report, are controlled.
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Quantum Dots Increase Bandwidth

Researchers in Japan have developed a way to use quantum dot technology to open up the span of available wavelength, which could allow optical fibers to use more light and boost speed and capacity by up to 10 times the current possibilities.
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