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Exo Reaction Disaster Housing

Michael McDaniel was unable to find anyone to build his disaster relief Exo Reaction Housing Solution, so he has spent his free time working with designers and builders to bring his idea to life.
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Versatile Steering Wheel System

An innovative steering wheel design allows the driver to control the car's direction in a variety of ways, requiring less effort and providing greater precision.
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Flying Robot Survives a Crash and Flies Away

The new robot developed by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Laboratory for Intelligent Systems is able to pick itself up and resume flying after a crash, which could make it very useful for exploring dangerous and inaccessible areas.
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Biologically Mining Seawater

Using bacteria to biologically extract minerals from seawater makes use of the materials left over after the desalination process.
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Digital Blackboard for Simultaneous Users

The 65-inch Interactive Plasma Display is a digital blackboard, allowing four people to write on it at once in different colors and using pens alone, which eliminates possible errors from accidental contact.
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Creating Polymer Vocal Cords

People with damaged vocal cords may one day regain their voices with the help of artificial polymer vocal cords; a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious achievement.
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Lightning Rod Repels Lightning

The PDCE lightning rod from Lightning Suppression Systems acts in reverse, repelling lightning strikes by preventing the ground charge from rising up to meet the lightning and protecting the surrounding area from strikes.
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ZeroN Floating Orb User Interface

The prototype ZeroN uses finely tuned electromagnetism and computer software to stablize a small metal ball floating freely in space, creating an extremely tactile user interface as well as a tool with a wide range of applications.
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Touche Knows What You're Touching

The Touche project from Carnegie Mellon and Disney Research is able to sense a broad range of electrical signals in much more detail (such as which finger was used in the tap) and is easily implemented into a range of products.
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Self-Driving Car Test

Follow along with Google's self-driving car and Steve, who is legally blind, as they navigate neighborhood streets, ordering tacos and picking up laundry.
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3D Printed Robotic Hand Increases Control

The ExoHand robotic manipulator glove is 3D printed from a scan of the user's hand, giving it a personalized fit for an extremely high level of dexterity and control.
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Body Architect

Body architect Lucy McRae discusses how her interest in merging biology and technology led her to develop, among other things, the electronic tattoo and a pill that lets you sweat perfume.
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Babalung Prevents Infant Apnea Death

Designed by five students from Rice University, the Babalung device monitors the breathing of apnea-prone premature babies, automatically stimulating the infant through vibration if senses the baby has stopped breathing.
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MorpHex Robot Can Roll or Crawl

The MorpHex morphing robot can transform to a variety of shapes, including forming a sphere and rolling itself across the floor.
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Portable Supercapacitor Safety Lights

The 10.8 volt portable, wearable supercapacitor from Optixtal can be charged by a car's cigarette lighter and could be used to replace road safety flares and complement safety vests.
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