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Long Distance Collaborators Lend a Hand

A pair of inventors living more than 10,000 miles apart have collaborated to create a working prototype of an inexpensive prosthetic hand.
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Embrace the Remix

In the wake of recent copyright infringement news and drawing examples from Bob Dylan and Steve Jobs, Kirby Ferguson explores the concept of creativity as a remix of ideas.
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Opening Pores in Tumors

The OncoSec Medical System uses electrical pulses to open the pores of cancer cells, improving the effectiveness of cancer treatments while reducing systemic toxicity.
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Controlling Computers With Eye Motion

Currently in development by NTT docomo, the i beam uses eye tracking technology to allow users to navigate their tablet computers by sight alone, such as turning a page in a book reader by looking at the bottom corner.
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Teaching Drones to Learn

Researchers at ETH Zurich have created algorithms that allow quadrotor drones to learn from their mistakes and make adjustments in realtime.
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Invis Mx Invisible Screw System

The Invis Mx is an invisible, and detachable, joining system that secures parts and pieces with no visible holes.
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Kinect Enhanced Rehabilititation

Besides simply encouraging adherence to a rehab program, the Reflexion Rehabilitative Measurement Tool developed by West Health Institute uses Kinect technology monitor the motions of patients enrolled in a rehabilitative program to ensure they are done correctly.
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Safer Artificial Heart Pump is Kinder to Blood Cells

A new artificial heart using a ferrofluid, flexible membranes and electromagnets is able to mimic the movement of human tissue, helping to prevent the damage to blood cells that can be caused by the spinning rotors of artificial hearts.
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Levitating Liquid with Sound

By levitating a liquid solution with sound, scientists have developed a way to evaporate liquids without the liquid touching anything around it—providing a method of more accurately testing the effectiveness of dissolved experimental compounds and potentially leading the creation of more effective medications.
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Creating More Liveable Cities

Kent Larson discusses new technologies, such as shared use vehicles and responsive environments, which could help make cities more liveable for everyone while also reducing pollution and resource usage.
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Detecting Parkinson's Disease with a Phone Call

Applied Mathematician Max Little explains how a 30-second phone call can allow for the early detection of Parkinson’s disease—with 99 percent accuracy.
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Glove Tricorder

The Glove Tricorder from Med Sensation combines sensor technology and human touch to help instruct and guide medical students and doctors during physical exams—and may eventually allow patients to self-diagnose themselves.
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Acoustic Touch Screen

As part of a senior design project, students at the Milwaukee School of Engineering used a single accelerometer sensor, computer sound card and specially created software to turn an ordinary chalkboard into a touchscreen.
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Imaging the Body from a Single Point

Building upon the abilities of femto-photography to look around corners, Dr. Ramesh Raskar discusses the possibility of the technology being used to create a new type of endoscope that can take images of different areas of the body from a single point, without needing to travel through the arteries or colon.
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Earthworm Inspired Meshworm Robot

Proof that even the lowly earthworm can inspire technology, MIT scientists have created a soft robot called Meshworm that is able to crawl into tight spaces by contracting segments of its body.
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