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BiOM Prosthesis Gives a Natural Gait

The BiOM is a powered ankle-foot prosthesis, and the only prosthetic that helps the user to walk naturally by mimicking the functions of the Achilles tendon and calf muscles.
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Create a Virtual World with Aurasma

The new augmented reality tool Aurasma is the world's first visual browser, able to seamlessly animate the world through a smartphone to allow the user to create and share visual content and integrate it into to actual world.
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SuperBetter Game Encourages Increased Resiliance

The SuperBetter game was created by Jane McGonigal and based on scientific research to help increase physical, mental, emotional, and social resilience—potentially adding an average of 10 extra years of life.
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The Future of Flexible Electronics

MC10 is leading the world in the development of flexible electronics technology, and company president David Icke recently spoke at the TEDMED conference to explore how flexible electronics can impact our interactions with technology.
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Bubble Screen

Researchers have developed a way to manipulate the surface of bubbles with ultrasound in order to use the bubble as a screen for projected images.
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Cooling Outdoor Spaces

Physisict Wolfgang Kessling discusses sustainable design ideas for cooling outdoor spaces and harvesting solar energy for later use.
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T(ether) Spatially Aware System for 3D Editing

The T(ether) spatially aware system works with an iPad and a motion tracking glove to allow users to edit 3D virtual objects.
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Canon Mixed Reality System

Canon will release its Mixed Reality system in July, which uses a head-mount display and high-speed image processing to allow users to interact with a combination of physical and virtual objects.
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Exo Reaction Disaster Housing

Michael McDaniel was unable to find anyone to build his disaster relief Exo Reaction Housing Solution, so he has spent his free time working with designers and builders to bring his idea to life.
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Versatile Steering Wheel System

An innovative steering wheel design allows the driver to control the car's direction in a variety of ways, requiring less effort and providing greater precision.
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Flying Robot Survives a Crash and Flies Away

The new robot developed by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Laboratory for Intelligent Systems is able to pick itself up and resume flying after a crash, which could make it very useful for exploring dangerous and inaccessible areas.
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Biologically Mining Seawater

Using bacteria to biologically extract minerals from seawater makes use of the materials left over after the desalination process.
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Digital Blackboard for Simultaneous Users

The 65-inch Interactive Plasma Display is a digital blackboard, allowing four people to write on it at once in different colors and using pens alone, which eliminates possible errors from accidental contact.
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Creating Polymer Vocal Cords

People with damaged vocal cords may one day regain their voices with the help of artificial polymer vocal cords; a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious achievement.
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Lightning Rod Repels Lightning

The PDCE lightning rod from Lightning Suppression Systems acts in reverse, repelling lightning strikes by preventing the ground charge from rising up to meet the lightning and protecting the surrounding area from strikes.
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