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Camera to Brain Blindness Treatment

A daring new prosthetic method can treat certain types of blindness by tapping into the optic nerve and sending signals from a camera directly to the brain.
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Innovation Leadership

Executive Director of the Center for Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough, shares his ideas about working within a culture of open innovation and the importance of engaging customers in the process.
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Robotic Real Time Emulation Controlled by WebCam

The NAO programmable robot from Aldebaran Robotics is able to track and emulate human movements in real time, using only a conventional 2D camera such as a laptop web cam.
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Healing With Ultrasound

A new technique of combining MRI and focused ultrasound could allow doctors to treat a variety brain lesions and tumors without the need for invasive surgery.
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Self Healing Circuit

A new self-healing circuit uses a tiny capsule of liquid metal to automatically repair circuits at the point of failure, potentially reducing the weight and costs of electronics while also improving battery performance.
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EMG Uses Muscle Flex to Control Video Games

The DIY USB Biofeedback Game Controller from Advancer Technologies uses EMG muscle sensors to allow users to control game actions by flexing biceps.
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Flyboard Water-Rocket Boots

The Flyboard water-propelled rocket boots from Zapata Racing are powered by a conventional jet ski engine, and the boots allow for more freedom of motion and trickster opportunities.
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Portable CT Scanner

The BodyTom full body CT scanner from NeuroLogica can be wheeled to different areas of the hospital as needed and can be used for an array of scans.
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AcceleDent Speeds Straightening with Vibration

The removable and non-invasive AcceleDent system from OrthoAccel Technologies uses vibration to help increase the efficiency of orthodontic braces.
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Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas shelters are a 'building in a bag'; able to be deployed by as few as two people in less than an hour and needing only water and air to form into a sturdy, concrete structure.
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Eyeboard Communicator

Available as an open-source kit, the Eyeboard was developed by 18 year old Luis Cruz to allow disabled people to communicate through eye movement.
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Robot Transmits Tactile Cues

The TELESAR V telepresence robotic platform goes beyond simple audio and visual transmissions, and is able to transmit tactile cues, allowing the user to feel the texture and temperature of the objects as the robot handles them.
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Gecko Inspired Robot Climbs Walls

Taking advantage of the Van der Waals force and inspiration from the gecko, the TBCP-II (Tailless Timing Belt Climbing Platform) uses tank-like treads covered with pad smaller than the diameter of a human hair to climb up any vertical surface.
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Manned Multi-copter Flight

The German aircraft manufacturer e-volo has announced the first flight of a manned multi-copter.
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Bionic Leg Helps Smooth Gait

A bionic prosthetic limb uses integrated sensors and processors to anticipate the user's moves, creating a more natural gait.
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