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The Machine Learning Revolution

Jeremy Howard discusses "deep learning" and the implications of the Machine Learning Revolution—and why we need to start preparing now.
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Projection Technology Enables See-Through Cars

A new retroreflective screen-based technology that allows the driver to "see through" their car could eliminate a driver's blind spots.
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A New Way to Travel the Building Environment

The myPORT app allows the user to move through a building seamlessly, allowing access and calling elevators automatically without sacrificing security.
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Tiny Satellites Image the Entire Earth, Every Day

Will Marshall discusses how clusters of tiny satellites could provide us with a daily-updated stream of high-resolution images of Earth—and how that information can improve our lives.
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VitaGel Stops Bleeding Instantly

Joe Landolina discusses VitaGel a plant-based, live-saving new gel able to staunch traumatic bleeding instantly by working with the body's natural mechanisms.
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Aerial Burton Plasma-Based Mid-Air 3D Display

The Aerial Burton mid-air 3D display system eschews screens and walls of mist by using plasma emission to ionize specific molecules in the air and create the display.
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NEBIAS Robotic Hand Returns the Sense of Touch

With its selective, implantable neuro-interface able to communicate with specific areas of the nerves, the NEBIAS robotic hand may be the most advanced yet—and it has returned a sense of touch to a man who lost his arm ten years ago.
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Grabit Robot Grips with Electrostatic Attraction

The Grabit robot eschews grippers and suction cups in favor of static electricity, which allows it to pick up almost any object regardless of shape or material.
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The Fotokite-A Safer Drone for Everyone

As aerial drones are becoming more commonplace, so are questions about safety; in response, Sergei Lupashin demonstrates the Fotokite: a flying drone camera safely tethered on a leash that could allow photographers and journalists to gather sweeping views with less risk to people and property.
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Self-Tightening Kinglock Nut

The self-tightening Kinglock Nut eliminates the chance of loosening by ensuring both sides of the screw thread make contact with the nut—which could make the nut ideal for use in applications where loosening cannot be tolerated.
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The Future of Early Cancer Testing

Jorge Soto demonstrates a working prototype for an open-source, non-invasive mobile platform that is able to detect the early signs of various types of cancers.
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Mist-Driven Leia Display System Projects a Touchscreen in Mid-Air

The Leia Display System projects images onto a thin wall of mist to create impressively accurate images that can be manipulated like a touchscreen.
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The Rewards and Responsibilities of Big Data

Kennet Cukier discusses how although "big data" may be our greatest tool in solving some of our global challenges, it will also bring some new challenges and responsibilities.
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DAQRI Smart Helmet Brings HUD to Industrial Workers

Developed with industrial workers in mind, the DAQRI Smart Helmet integrates an HD display into a protective visor—providing workers with immediate, hands-free access to information and job task specifics.
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The Future of 3D Printing

Avi Reichental discusses why instead of bemoaning how 3D printing is changing conventional manufacturing, we should celebrate its potential to allow everyone to have the chance to enjoy locally-made products uniquely suited to individual tastes.
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