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Self-Tightening Kinglock Nut

The self-tightening Kinglock Nut eliminates the chance of loosening by ensuring both sides of the screw thread make contact with the nut—which could make the nut ideal for use in applications where loosening cannot be tolerated.
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The Future of Early Cancer Testing

Jorge Soto demonstrates a working prototype for an open-source, non-invasive mobile platform that is able to detect the early signs of various types of cancers.
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Mist-Driven Leia Display System Projects a Touchscreen in Mid-Air

The Leia Display System projects images onto a thin wall of mist to create impressively accurate images that can be manipulated like a touchscreen.
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The Rewards and Responsibilities of Big Data

Kennet Cukier discusses how although "big data" may be our greatest tool in solving some of our global challenges, it will also bring some new challenges and responsibilities.
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DAQRI Smart Helmet Brings HUD to Industrial Workers

Developed with industrial workers in mind, the DAQRI Smart Helmet integrates an HD display into a protective visor—providing workers with immediate, hands-free access to information and job task specifics.
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The Future of 3D Printing

Avi Reichental discusses why instead of bemoaning how 3D printing is changing conventional manufacturing, we should celebrate its potential to allow everyone to have the chance to enjoy locally-made products uniquely suited to individual tastes.
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Zenytime Games Teach Mindful Breathing

The Zenytime App aims to encourage mindfulness by teaching users how reduce stress through a series of games controlled by breathing.
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Putting the Fun into Wearable Tech

Billie Whitehouse, wearable tech designer and co-founder of Wearable Experiments, discusses why wearable tech should get a bit more intimate—and fun.
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SHORE Identifies Emotions in Real-Time

Designed for use with Google Glass, the SHORE app can identify and gauge emotions in real-time—which could have applications in marketing and gaming as well as provide a way for autism sufferers to interpret facial expressions.
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Building Better Robots With Less Motors

Researchers at the Morita Lab are designing robots based on fundamental design research that allows them to replace motors and sensors with simpler, mechanical designs that can be applied in different ways.
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Using Animation to Test Ideas

Janet Iwasa discusses how cartooning and basic animation skills can help biological scientists visualize and test a hypothesis.
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A Universal EEG Controller for ALS Patients

Philips and Accenture demonstrate their proof-of-concept for using an EEG reader to allow severely disabled people, particularly those with ALS, to maintain a level of independence.
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Fluidic Channels Lead to Smart Building Blocks

Flexible, Lego-like building blocks equipped with fluidic channels able to alter the blocks' shape and function could provide a significant step toward self-replicating robotic structures.
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Translating Thought Into Motion

Miguel Nicolelis discusses how translating thought into motion led to a robotic exoskeleton that allowed a parapalegic man to kick off the World Cup.
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Robotic System Tests for E. Coli in Water

A new robotic system able automate all stage of water quality testing, including detecting E. coli, is faster than human-managed testing and also reduces the chances of error.
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