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Wearable Intelligence in Healthcare

Wearable Technologies explores the ways Google Glass could one day be used in healthcare in this conceptual video that follows a stroke patient through the different clinical settings.
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Bravo Lifts Where Other Cranes Can't

The Bravo lifting device can raise solar panels and other construction materials to the top of a roof without needing a ladder-shaped rail, which allows it function in areas too narrow for standard cranes.
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Bridging the Gap Between Ability and Disability

With compassion and humor, Hugh Herr, head of MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, discusses the coming generation of bionic limbs and how the human body can never truly be broken.
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Meruru Finger-Free Contact Lens Tool

The Meruru lets users insert and remove their contact lenses without ever touching the lens with a finger—both simplifying and sanitizing the process.
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Starshade Could Make Distant Planet Photography Possible

The starshade, a prototype spacecraft currently under development, will make it easier to study the darker objects in the sky—such as distant planets—by shading the telescope from the bright light of neighboring stars.
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Water Harvesting Billboard

A billboard in Lima, Peru—designed to encourage students to pursue studies in engineering—is able to produce about 26 gallons of water a day by capturing and filtering the humidity from the air.
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Folding Paper Microscope

As part of his goal to bring new technology to global health, Manu Prakash demonstrates his 50 cent, folding paper microscope, which won a $100,000 grant from the Gates Foundation in 2012 and could help to bring disease research into the field and developing countries.
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Imaging Thoughts

Mary Lou Jepsen, an expert on cutting edge displays and , discusses the possibilities of using extremely-high resolution brain scanners to allow a person’s mental images to be digitally displayed—essentially reading the image from the brain.
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Giving People a Voice

Rupal Patel discusses the vocaliD project, which uses ‘donor voices’ to give people who rely on synthetic speech their own, unique voice appropriate for age, gender and even personality.
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Necklace Projector Puts Emails in the Palm of Your Hand

The Ambient Mobile Pervasive Display projects emails and digital images in front of the user, allowing any almost any surface to function as a screen.
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Creating Novel Flying Machines

Professor Leif Ristroph of New York University’s Fluid Dynamics Lab explains how recreating natural methods of moving through both air and water could help up to create new sorts of flying machines.
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The World is One Big Dataset

Dan Berksenstock shares his solution to updating satellite imagery: inexpensive and lightweight satellites able to capture a videostream of lower-quality frames that can then be combined into a single, high-quality image.
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Think and Drive Thought-Controlled Van

A group of engineering students from India has used the commercially-available Emotive EEG headset to create the Think and Drive, a concept van that can be controlled by thought, a keyboard or by the conventional manual steering wheel.
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First Fully Transparent Display Screen with Multiple Angles of View

By embedding silver nanoparticles in a sheet of glass, researchers at MIT have created the first fully transparent display screen that can be viewed from different angles.
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RoboSimian Shifts Form to Suit the Task

Designed by the Jet Propulsion Lab for entry into DARPA Robotics Challenge, the four-footed RoboSimian can shift its form to stand on two feet, allowing it to navigate a variety of obstacles and tasks, including opening doors, turning a valve and climbing a ladder.
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