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Creating an Effective, Inexpensive Air Filter

A new air filter created using the material from surgical gloves could be installed on window screens and face masks, offering a breath of fresh air to people living in extremely polluted areas.
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Solving Problems By Drawing Them

In a novel way to approach problem-solving, Tom Wujec discusses collaborative visualization, and how drawing the process for making toast can lead to a better understanding of complex issues and points of view.
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Smart Socks from a Teen Inventor

Kenneth Shinozuka, who has been designing apps since kindergarten, discusses his app to keep track of his night-wandering grandfather.
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A Better Way to Preserve Donor Tissue

The MOPS system preserves tissue without refrigeration, potentially doubling the lifetime of bone and cartilage donor tissue while also reducing waste.
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Achieving Brain to Brain Communication

Neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, creator of the brain-controlled exoskeleton seen at the 2014 World Cup, discusses how we have achieved brain-to-brain communication, and where we might go from here.
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Microsoft HoloLens Brings Holograms into the Real World

The HoloLens from Microsoft lets users turn their environment into a virtual touchscreen by "projecting" Windows apps onto different surfaces in the home.
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Rollkers Walking Skates

Hailed as the world's first electronic undershoes, the Rollkers 'walking skates' strap to your shoes to let you glide at speeds up to seven miles per hour.
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Creative Problem Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits

Navi Radjou explores the concept of frugal innovation—creating clever solutions from limited resources—and how we can learn to do more with less.
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Parrot Pot System Keeps Houseplants Healthy

Henri Seydoux of Parrot discusses the company's two new agriculture-based smart devices, the Parrot Pot and Parrot H2O—updated versions of its Flower Power system that help ensure you will never kill a houseplant again.
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Sepios Bot Travels with Undulating Fins

Taking inspiration from the cuttlefish, the robotic Sepios can travel through dense areas of underwater growth without becoming entangled—an impossible task for most underwater robots.
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Live2D Euclid Animates 2D Illustrations In 3D Environments

The next generation Live2D Euclid expands upon the previous Live 2D technology by allowing users to animate 2D illustrations at a full 360 degrees—opening the door to more immersive video games and more detailed illustrations.
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The Machine Learning Revolution

Jeremy Howard discusses "deep learning" and the implications of the Machine Learning Revolution—and why we need to start preparing now.
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Projection Technology Enables See-Through Cars

A new retroreflective screen-based technology that allows the driver to "see through" their car could eliminate a driver's blind spots.
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A New Way to Travel the Building Environment

The myPORT app allows the user to move through a building seamlessly, allowing access and calling elevators automatically without sacrificing security.
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Tiny Satellites Image the Entire Earth, Every Day

Will Marshall discusses how clusters of tiny satellites could provide us with a daily-updated stream of high-resolution images of Earth—and how that information can improve our lives.
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