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Robotic System Tests for E. Coli in Water

A new robotic system able automate all stage of water quality testing, including detecting E. coli, is faster than human-managed testing and also reduces the chances of error.
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Safer Surgeries with Physics

Nikolai Begg discusses how physics helped him re-design the trocar—an important and common surgical instrument that requires great delicacy to ensure a proper incision.
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ClearSight Continuous, Non-Invasive Blood-Flow Monitor

Based on the technology used to monitor astronauts in orbit, the ClearSight system from Edwards offers a minimally invasive way for continuous hemodynamic monitoring, which could have significant benefits for fragile, post-surgery patients.
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Embracing Innovation by Embracing the Now

Joi Ito discusses the benefits of innovation by becoming a "now-ist," a form of bottom-up thinking that does not try to predict the future, but instead takes advantage of observing what's happening around you right now to think quickly and innovate constantly.
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Bio-Bots Combine Nature and Technology

Inspired by how tendons interact with muscles and bone, researchers have developed a 'bio-bot' made up of real muscle and 3D-printed hydrogels that can controlled by electricity.
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SAM Junctional Tourniquet Works Where Traditional Designs Struggle

Designed for use by soldiers in the field, the SAM Junctional Tourniquet can be strapped around the patient like a belt to quickly apply the correct amount of pressure to the wound—even under fire.
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Downdraft Tower Creates its Own Wind

The Downdraft Tower from Solar Wind Industry, Inc. relieves the burden of relying on the whims of nature by creating its own wind to spin its internal turbines.
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Why Innovative Science Requires a Leap into the Unknown

Uri Alon suggests that researchers feeling stuck or stymied can take some lessons from improvisational theater and an optimistic leap.
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Trikelet Ultra-Compact Electric Scooter

Being hailed as the world's most compact electric scooter, the Trikelet prototype can fold small and tidy enough to be treated as carry-on luggage, fitting under a train seat or in the luggage compartment.
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CityHome Cube Adds High-Tech Space to Urban Apartments

Created by MIT's Design Lab, the CityHome prototype can transform into different functions—such as a bed, table or cooking range—through gesture, touch and voice control, adding up to three times more space to small apartments.
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Mid-Air Images from Sound and Dust

The Pixie Dust display creates images in mid-air using tiny particles and sound waves, opening the door to a new generation of display potentials.
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Inexpensive Glasses-Free 3D Projector

MIT researchers have created a glasses-free 3D projector that could provide a feasible, short-term alternative to true holographic videos.
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Building Extreme Robots

Robots are going extreme at Keio University, where a research group is studying the dynamics of sand and working to improve environment recognition in order to create robots suitable for space missions.
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Super-Strong Hydrogel

The team from the Wyss Institute demonstrates a tough new hydrodgel that could have applications in robotic or medicine—as well as a range of other uses.
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The Best Computer Interface Could Be Your Hands

Founder and principal of the design firm Patten Studio, James Patten discusses how specialized physical objects could help people interact with computers and software more easily—from streamlining emergency dispatches to conveying emotion during a video chat.
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