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Past Open Innovation Newsletters

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Published since October 2007, we only show the last 24 issues, as content quickly becomes outdated.

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Apr-15-15 Corn-Waste Hydrogen. Edible Adhesives. Acoustic Tweezers.
Apr-08-15 Dream Cafe. Solar Fridge. Medical Device Design Challenge.
Apr-01-15 Invisibility Cloak. Masters of Innovation. Non-oil Frying.
Mar-25-15 Determine Cover Thickness. Holocube. Mass Flourishing.
Mar-18-15 Energy Harvesting Tires. Hand Ground. Alzheimers Ultrasound.
Mar-11-15 iSkin. Open Innovation Challenges. Waste to Worth.
Mar-04-15 Adaptive Shoes. Employee Networks. Coffee Power.
Feb-25-15 New Frontiers in Open Innovation. Flow Frames. eMerge Americas.
Feb-18-15 Frugal Innovation. Crowdsourcing Cancer Care. iBrailler.
Feb-11-15 Smartphone Diagnosing. Self-Made Billionaire. InnovationKT.
Feb-04-15 Dry Eye Relief. Smart Shoes. Brain-to-Brain Communication.
Jan-28-15 Maestro Blocks Hunger. Hydrophobic Surfaces. Creativity Crisis.
Jan-21-15 Ultrasonic Washer. TextBlade Keyboard. Frugal Innovation.
Jan-14-15 Problem Solver Beer. Nanowire Fabrics. Programmable Wallpaper.
Jan-07-15 Quell Pain. Nymi Password. Machine Learning Revolution.
Dec-17-14 Aluminum Foam. Cicret Bracelet. See-through Cars
Dec-10-14 Haptic Holograms. Plastic Welder. myPort App
Dec-03-14 3D-Printed Lightpaper. Multi Elevator. Tiny Satellites
Nov-26-14 Vitagel. Cardboard Batteries. Expandable Luggage
Nov-19-14 Ozobot. Rotatable Park Bench. Mid-air 3D Display
Nov-12-14 Rescue Stretcher Challenge. Qolo Wheelchair. Inflatable Incubator
Nov-05-14 HALOsonic Noise Canceller. White Solar Panels. Fotokite Drone
Oct-29-14 Programmable Material. Sticky Tea Tag. Self-tightening Nut
Oct-22-14 Atom-thin Generator. Rescue Tip-board. 80K in Referral Fees

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