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Research Challenges

If you are interested in doing research, please [CLICK HERE] to sign up as a Problem Solver.

Make sure to check the "Research" checkbox in the list of categories, and you will be emailed offers to do research work.

Tech Wanted

Clients are actively seeking the following Technologies:

Non-Oil Frying

PepsiCo is seeking technologies to provide a healthy alternative to frying food products in edible oils.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Minimally Processed Fruits & Vegetables

PepsiCo seeks new technologies for the production of healthy, minimally processed fruits and vegetables that are shelf-stable for 12 to 18 months without loss of quality, specifically, flavor, color, texture, and nutrient value.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Waste to Worth (Value for Agricultural Waste)

PepsiCo is interested in opportunities for extracting value from all food manufacturing by-products.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Technologies for Advantage Pellets

PepsiCo is interested in technologies to improve the current pellet production process or the final products.
$1,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Low Cost Alternative to Vacuum Frying

PepsiCo is seeking emerging technologies for either modifications of vacuum frying to reduce operational and capital costs or for novel alternatives that can yield food products with characteristics comparable to those provided by vacuum frying but at a lower cost.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Edible Adhesives for Food Products

PepsiCo is seeking food safe, edible adhesive technologies to enable uniform coating of dry food products with seasoning powders or flakes.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Chemical/Enzymatic Modification for Food Processing or New Food Products

PepsiCo is seeking novel technologies using chemical or enzymatic modifications to either improve productivity in food processing, or to provide new food experiences.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

On-farm Defective Potato Identification and Removal & Solid Sorting

PepsiCo seeks small, ideally portable, low cost technologies suitable for high throughput, on-farm inspection of potatoes to identify and cull defective potatoes.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Technologies for Modifying Food Forms

PepsiCo seeks new manufacturing technologies to produce food products in different shapes, textures, flavors, or with other sensory differentiation.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Alternative Dehydration Technologies, Pre or Post-Treatments

PepsiCo is interested in novel technologies for food product dehydration or pre- or post-dehydration technologies using existing or novel dehydration methods.
$2,000 for one accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Control of Vertebrate Pests in New Zealand

A client requires an ingredient that will help with controlling vertebrate pests in New Zealand including brushtail possums, rabbits, and ship rats.
$1,000 for one accepted lead.

dsRNA Delivery System that Resists Nuclease Degradation

A client requires a technology, ideally, or a qualified collaborator for development of a system suitable for oral delivery of dsRNA to insects.
$10,000 for each accepted lead.

Textural Contrast in Bakery and Snack Products

A client is seeking food technologies to provide textural contrast for bakery and snack products.
$2,000 for each accepted lead.

Mobile Biomass Characterization Device

A client is seeking a platform or technology that enables real-time biomass characterization for multiple feedstocks.
$2,000 for each accepted lead.

Mobile Raw Materials Characterization Device

A client is seeking a platform or technology that enables real-time raw material identification and characterization of wide range of plastics and polymers.
$2,000 for each accepted lead.

Positions Available

Clients are actively seeking qualified Candidates for the following Job Openings:

Crop Model Development Consultant

A client is seeking a consultant who can provide expertise in genetics, computational biology and crop modeling to assist in the development of detailed crop models over approximately 6 months.
$2,000 for each accepted lead.

Data Analyst Lead

Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc. is seeking a candidate for the position of Data Analyst Lead to work in the USA.
$2,000 for each accepted lead.

Initiate a Research Challenge

To initiate your own research challenge, please call IdeaConnection at 877-525-6671 in Canada and the US, or +1-250-483-6328 international, or [EMAIL US] about your requirements.

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