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New Challenges and Technology Scouting Requests

Below is a list of current Challenges and Technology Scouting requests at IdeaConnection. The majority of IdeaConnection's work is solving confidential R&D challenges. To receive invitations to solve confidential challenges [SIGN UP HERE].

Technology Scouting

Textural Contrast in Bakery and Snack Products

A client is seeking food technologies to provide textural contrast for bakery and snack products.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Consumer Food Monitoring Device

A client is seeking a device, or enabling technologies to perform real-time monitoring of food for pesticide residues, veterinary residues and adulterants.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Mobile Biomass Characterization Device or Technology

A client is seeking a platform or technology that enables real-time biomass characterization for multiple feedstocks.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Mobile Raw Materials Characterization Device or Technology

A client is seeking a platform or technology that enables real-time raw material identification and characterization of wide range of plastics and polymers.
$2,000 for each accepted lead. [DETAILS HERE]

Challenge Recruiting

Game Theory Expert

We are seeking individuals with game theory expertise and experience for a potential new, exciting challenge.

Adhesives Expert

We are seeking experts for an upcoming challenge in the design and manufacturing of adhesives, with a focus on their odor. Signup as a Problem Solver in order to receive an invitation to this challenge.

Confidential Challenges

Solve Problems for Pay

New Challenges

We continually have new challenges to be solved that clients wish to remain confidential. To receive invitations to tackle these, please sign up as a Problem Solver and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Invitations are sent out based on the areas of expertise you have checked off in your profile. [DETAILS HERE]

Earn Referral Fees

Refer a Colleague

IdeaConnection Problem Solvers and Members can earn $500 by referring colleagues to IdeaConnection's problem solving membership. If the colleague you refer wins a challenge, you will be paid $500. [DETAILS HERE]

Innovation Services

Become a Problem Solver

Earn Money Tech Scouting

Green Chemistry Challenge

Green Chemistry Challenge
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