IdeaConnection is an open innovation platform and expert solver network comprised of a virtual workforce of 20,000+ experts, thought leaders, scientists and innovators across 180+ countries. With an industry-best 80% solve rate, IdeaConnection creates multidisciplinary teams of hand-picked experts who are awarded on a pay-for-success basis to develop solutions to your technical challenges through services such as prize-based theoretical problem-solving, crowdsourcing, technology scouting, technical challenge writing, specialized skilled staff augmentation and prior art citation search.

Since 2007, IdeaConnection’s open innovation platform has successfully solved thousands of complex challenges in a wide range of industries for clients such as Bayer, Fujitsu, Kraft, Magna, Nike, Pfizer, PepsiCo, Syngenta and Wrigley.

In 2020, IdeaConnection joined forces with Planbox, a cloud-based AI-powered agile innovation management platform for emerging tech empowerment, ecosystem enablement and full lifecycle innovation portfolio management.

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