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Our passion is to give our clients access to brilliant, timely, affordable solutions that enhance their ability to deliver amazing improvements for mankind.


IdeaConnection teams work every day solving challenges for companies of all sizes – from Fortune 10s to single proprietorships. IdeaConnection has been solving problems since 2007 by assembling multidisciiplinary teams lead by world-class facilitators, who develop intensely researched, innovative, and in-depth solutions.

Using this approach, IdeaConnection has achieved a best-in-class solve rate for problems ranging from food science, chemistry, engineering, biology, game theory, crop science, packaging, big data, consumer products and much more.

Some of our recent challenges have been in the areas of:

  • biotechnology
  • big data
  • plant science
  • pharmaceutical
  • storage
  • wine making
  • packaging
  • predictive analytics
  • virtual reality
  • game theory
  • chemical
  • artificial intelligence
  • medical
  • material science
  • waste
  • cosmetics
  • food science
  • machine learning
  • biomass
  • monitoring
  • deep learning
  • coatings
  • electrical eng.
  • adhesives

Join these companies who have chosen IdeaConnection
as their innovation partner:

J∓J Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company
Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company Ahlstrom
Kraft McKinsey & Company Ahlstrom Givaudan
McKinsey & Company Ahlstrom Givaudan Xinova
Ahlstrom Givaudan Xinova Syngenta
Givaudan Xinova Syngenta Pepsico
Xinova Syngenta Pepsico Perkin Elmer
Syngenta Pepsico Perkin Elmer Argos
Pepsico Perkin Elmer Argos Nike
Perkin Elmer Argos Nike Whitmore's
Argos Nike Whitmore's Wrigley
Nike Whitmore's Wrigley Covanta Energy
Whitmore's Wrigley Covanta Energy Fujitsu
Wrigley Covanta Energy Fujitsu Bayer
Covanta Energy Fujitsu Bayer Pfizer
Fujitsu Bayer Pfizer Sigma Alimentos
Bayer Pfizer Sigma Alimentos Dannon
Pfizer Sigma Alimentos Dannon Gojo
Sigma Alimentos Dannon Gojo J∓J
Dannon Gojo J∓J Aveleda
Gojo J∓J Aveleda Kraft

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