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Our passion is to give our clients access to brilliant, timely, affordable solutions that enhance their ability to deliver amazing improvements for mankind.


IdeaConnection teams are working every day on solving challenges for companies of all sizes – from Fortune 10s to single individuals. IdeaConnection has been solving problems since 2007 by assembling multidisciiplinary teams lead by world-class facilitators, who develop intensely researched, innovative, and detailed solutions.

Using this approach, IdeaConnection has achieved a best-in-class solve rate for problems ranging from food science, chemistry, engineering, biology, crop science, packaging, consumer products and much more.

Using this approach, IdeaConnection has achieved an impressively high 'solve' rate to problems ranging from nanotechnology, virtual reality, and crop science, to packaging, storage, pharmacology and product development.

Some of our recent challenges have been in the areas of:

  • biotechnology
  • big data
  • plant science
  • pharmaceutical
  • storage
  • wine making
  • packaging
  • virtual-reality
  • game theory
  • chemical
  • medical
  • material science
  • waste
  • cosmetics
  • food science
  • biomass
  • monitoring
  • deep learning
  • coatings
  • electrical eng.
  • adhesives

Spanning the globe, we have worked with clients in:



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