Crowdfunding the Future of a Sports Star

October 27, 2012 By IdeaConnection

There’s no doubt that the London 2012 Olympic Games inspired millions of children and young adults to get active, and perhaps one day step up on a podium to collect a winner’s medal. But ambition, ability, and determination are only part of what goes into making a top athlete.

The other key ingredient is funding. Would-be stars of track and field need financial support so they can concentrate full-time on their training.

In these lean times sources of finance are hard to come by, but a new crowdfunding initiative may be making it easier.

Pursuit is a crowdfunding site from Canada and works in a similar to other crowdfunding projects.  An athlete can set up their own campaign with a video and description to inspire people to donate. They set a funding goal and time limit and spread the word to friends, family, and members of the public.

If the athletes haven’t achieved their funding goal by the deadline pledgers will not be charged, although they can decide to continue with their donation if they so wish.

According to the team behind the website the funding goals could be anything from a new track bicycle to support for altitude training.


Those requesting funds are encouraged to offer unique gifts for people who pledge their support, and currently on the site athletes are offering such givebacks as a Handpresso portable espresso machine, a one of a kind crochet toque, running coaching via Skype conversations, and of course the eternal gratitude of every athlete.

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