British scientists are designing robotic trousers to help the elderly walk upstairs and get out and about without the use of wheelchairs.

This item of apparel has been dubbed ‘the right trousers’ in a nod to the Wallace and Gromit animation The Wrong Trousers in which Wallace develops a pair of techno slacks.
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Britney Spears, Oil Exploration and how to help your Company Innovate

Harold Hildebrand was a young musician and technical whiz who got a job with Exxon Mobil right out of university. Not long after that, he discovered a disruptive technology that could find oil by using sound.

Traditionally, oil companies essentially wandered around, digging into the ground and crossing their fingers. Hildebrand found that if an explosive charge was set off underground, he could use a technique called autocorrelation to analyze the pitch of the returning sound waves to lead to oil-rich areas.
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The New Jersey Hospital Association in the USA has launched a data and informatics center that will use big data analytics techniques to identify and address gaps in healthcare for New Jersey’s citizens.

The NJHA Center for Health Analytics, Research, and Transformation (CHART) will apply predictive modeling and analytics to reams of big data to better understand underlying problems and to help its staff and policy experts explore solutions.
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IdeaConnection is very excited to announce its latest service – the world’s biggest list of live challenges, contests and competitions from all over the planet. Currently, we have more than 70 challenges listed with a combined prize pot of more than $125 million. And we are adding to and updating this information on a daily basis.

So why have we created this service? Well, when you conduct a Google search for live challenges 90-95 percent of those that are found have either expired or are in their judging stages. Consequently, problem solvers waste a lot of time searching for challenges that they cannot enter.

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The devastating fire that swept through Brazil’s National Museum last weekend could have destroyed up to 90% of its collection.

Important relics such as the institution’s entire Egyptology collection were wiped out.

But all may not be lost thanks to a brand-new crowdsourcing initiative that is trying to save images of artifacts lost in the flames.
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The adoption of artificial intelligence solutions by many industries continues apace. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, about 70% of companies worldwide will embrace at least one form of AI by the year 2030.

One sector currently experiencing a surge in the development of AI tools and research into their utility is health and medicine.

A new study has found that AI can predict the risk of death in patients with heart disease better than existing models designed by medical experts.
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Earthquakes can be devastating and so too can the aftershocks. These are defined as earthquakes that follow the main shock and sometimes they can cause even greater destruction.

Currently, seismologists can predict when aftershocks will strike and how strong they will be but there is less certainty about where. Until now that is.

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Businesses have long valued the many benefits of collaborations such as sharing costs and knowledge, improving efficiencies and boosting productivity.

Well, now robots are taking a leaf out of the smart business playbook by working with each other. Specifically, a team of mobile robots has collaborated to 3D print large structures quickly.
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JP Morgan Developing Powerful Crowdsourcing Platform

JP Morgan the American multinational investment bank and financial services company is working on a new website that is going to use crowdsourcing to accumulate large volumes of data to help its clients make better decisions.

It will be called Roar and according to reports, it will also store sensitive private data such as hospital records and satellite imagery that’s not in the public domain.
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