Crowdsourcing Boost for Businesses in Jerusalem

May 5, 2017 By IdeaConnection


The innovation team at the Jerusalem Municipality in Jerusalem has come up with a crowdsourcing app designed to help entrepreneurs decide where to open up new businesses.

It is called Coming Soon and will rely on the input of the city’s residents and business owners.

The city-wide business app is intending to help inject some vigor into Jerusalem’s economy.  The app works by using software and crowdsourcing to determine which types of businesses are lacking in particular neighborhoods, thereby acting as a kind of opportunity spotting tool.

In a statement in the Jerusalem Post, the Jerusalem Municipality, said: “Coming Soon asks Jerusalemites what it is they are missing in their neighborhoods and workplace environments and shares the data with entrepreneurs, who receive a package of referrals to municipal and government- subsidized training and incentives to help the new businesses become sustainable and successful.”

Big Hopes

Overall, the crowdsourcing initiative has three aims:

  • To use crowdsourcing to come up with insights for businesses.
  • To help entrepreneurs start businesses based on a genuine demand from the marketplace, and to equip them with the tools to get them up and running.
  • To help promote a greater sense of community spirit.

The mayor Nir Barkat says that he hopes the app will turn around the city’s floundering economy.

The central government’s Economy and Industry Minister Eli Cohen also has high hopes for Coming Soon.  He added: “Connecting the needs of residents with local entrepreneurs is undeniably the right way to achieving a stable and successful business.”

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Reader Comments

Presently used in other communities,
People put up notice wanted,Lawn Mowed, Washing Done.
Replies come back with quoted price, compete for job.
References both ways can be exchanged and agreed method of payment organised. (LOCAL handler can organise all payments met) take %.
All this on screen tailored to fixed area community.
With the 5 star principle people give feedback re satisfaction.
Posted by Stephen on May 14, 2017

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