Simplifying Volunteering

June 13, 2011 By Aminda

The world has certainly had enough news of economic crisis and natural disasters, so it’s always good to hear some good news. Fortunately, creative new crowdsourcing projects continue to provide opportunities to contribute in positive ways. Here are a few ways anyone can make the world a better place.

Connecting Skills with Needs

Wish Upon a Hero connects needy individuals with those who have the skills or resources to meet that need. Anyone can cast up to three wishes. They can be as simple as asking for a birthday card to be sent to a child or contributing to the down payment on a farm for a soldier’s family. They can be based on financial need or just a simple favor. Heroes can be individuals or organization, anyone looking to experience the satisfaction that comes from making a difference in someone’s life. To date, 78,775 wishes have been granted.

Those interested in seeing more sites like these can contribute to the development of Dream Matcher, which dreams of creating connections between people who have dreams and those who can make them come true.

Cubicle Contributions

Sparked describes itself as “volunteering for busy people”, have a mission of connecting corporate employees with nonprofits and giving employees a way to volunteer right from their desks. Building off the popularity of microtasking work, the site’s platform allows employees of member corporations to sign in and work on digital volunteer projects during their lunch breaks. Sparked co-founder Jacob Colker describes it as micro-volunteering.

Examples of completed projects can be found on the Sparked blog. Marketing documents translated for use by Mozambican entrepreneurs, a holiday party invitation designed for a U.S. nonprofit – the list goes on. The day Sparked was launched at LinkedIn, employees from all over the world completed 235 nonprofit challenges for organizations from every corner of the globe.

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