Customer Engagement Case Study

April 21, 2011 By Aminda

Makers of Snagit brand screen capture software, TechSmith, have published an interesting case study on how they saved approximately $500,000 on research by crowdsourcing the testing of the beta version of a new product. A Mac version of the software, which had been available to PC users for more than 20 years, was in high demand. In response, TechSmith handed the creation over to those who wanted it.

Testing of the beta version was done for 10 months, during which time 100,000 people downloaded the software and 450,000 engaged in on-line conversation about the product. “We were able to collect so much valuable information through crowdsourcing,” said a TechSmith product manager. It benefited everyone involved in the development process, and most importantly, our customers.Our users were able to help design the product that they wanted, and could ask questions, report problems, make suggestions and share what they loved about the product.”

The company used crowdsourcing platform, Get Satisfaction, which provided services such as hosting the voting and discussion features of the project. Since the Snagit on Mac launch, TechSmith has since engaged them for its entire portfolio of visual communication software

It seems to be a win-win for TechSmith, saving money, generating a profitable product while keeping customers engaged and involved. Based on the suggestions in a recent post about engaging customers through crowdsourcing, it appears that part of their success was due to their careful implementation of the project.

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